The Sound a Tree Makes

November 10, 2019

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

                         of course it does…

It howls a sad song as frigid air whips through its branches

It yelps at the pointed pecks from the ones it houses and protects from unseen predators who pace far below

It bays when the burn of sharpened claws tear at its flesh looking for what treasures may lie inside

From countless heavy snowflakes to poisonous vines constricting its branches,

It weeps under the generations of burdens it has been forced to carry

It moans and wails as its braided roots are severed and ripped from the earth

It bellows a mighty war cry as it fights to remain standing when the wind and the rain beat on its toughened brown skin

It cries and screams against the raging squalls as they conspiratorially converge upon it,

Pushing, pulling, grabbing, shoving….bending it to their will

One day it all became too much for the towering tree to withstand

            And so….

           with one great cry….

                she fell….

gracefully raising her branches in surrender as she plummeted to the earth

The tree landed with an earth shattering quake that was more felt than heard


  Only then was it silent…

       for the great tree had fallen

                    How do I know?


                                            Because I am the tree

Just because you do not listen does not mean there is no sound


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