Chin up. Chest Out. Times are tough, but so are we.

April 19, 2020

There comes a point in my workout where I become exhausted.  It usually happens around the midpoint.  I have put a ton of work in, but I have a ton of work to go.

Mentally, I feel like I can’t finish.  I am tired of lifting heavy things.  My form falters.  My chin falls to my chest. My shoulders sag. I want to fold in on myself out of pure fatigue. My body hurts. My lungs burn. My muscles tremble with fatigue and exhaustion, warning me of their impending failure.  I want to quit.  I am not cut out for this. It’s too much.  I am not strong enough to finish.

“Chin up. Chest out!!!” He yells.

It has become so familiar a command, my body reacts almost immediately.  I command my legs to steady themselves.  I straighten my back and stand taller. My neck straightens lifting my chin and my eyes, burning from sweat, refocus on the task at hand.  

I have never quit a training session.  I never will.

Life is hard. Life is harder, now.  As the coronavirus ravages its way through the US, killing our families, friends and many in our vulnerable populations, it is becoming an unbearable load to carry.  It is bankrupting some of us, while overworking others.  Some hoard supplies and resources, while those in need are forced to go without.

Some of us are trapped in abusive homes, quarantined with our abusers.  Some of us are waiting in lines, miles long, to get tested or receive food.  

Some of us are working in harsh conditions around a deadly disease with minimal protection and the threat of job loss looming over our heads. There are a myriad of issues we face independently and as a nation, as a result of this pandemic.

The load we carry in this season is heavy, indeed.  

When you catch your form faltering.  When your chin drops to your chest and your shoulders sag. When the weight of the world is too heavy to carry, and you want to fold in on yourself from all the trauma you see and experience.  When you heart trembles from pain and loss and failure nips at your heels…

Chin up. Chest out.

We have never quit, and we won’t start, now.  We have lives to save, people to rehabilitate, and songs to sing. We have a life to live and goals to reach. We have grieving hearts to heal and an economy to resurrect.  Let’s refocus on what’s important: each other.

I know the weight is heavy, but you are strong.  You were made for times like this.  We will finish this. Let us band together (but still stay six feet apart…cuz…well…you know) and press toward the mark!


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