Becoming an Overcomer: Hint...Training Has Already Commenced

July 28, 2019

It’s probably the nerd in me, but I have to fight back legit tears every single time I watch that clip.  And, yes, there have been many…many times.  I have a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and I am not ashamed to say that this movie highly influenced my involvement in martial arts.

I think this scene…this movie... is about becoming an overcomer, someone who faces their biggest fears and gets absolutely pummeled but refuses to give up.

I know what it’s like to get pummeled spiritually, emotionally, and even physically; to have wave after wave of adversity and strife wash over me, leaving me gasping for air, asphyxiating my hope and strength. I know what it is takes to get up from one good beating, let alone two or three. I bet you do, too.  

But, the reason this scene always hits home for me is the double injury, the “sweep the leg” scene.  I liken it to when, in life, we hurt so badly that we have to limp through the fight, but somehow are able to still hold our own.  Our enemy, unable to take us down fairly, strikes the broken places in our spirits with surgical accuracy. The attack was meant to end it all. Not just win but to destroy us.

And, so, we find ourselves writhing in pain, tears flooding our vision, gasping for air…

After years of failed relationships, you finally find the love of your life, and he was just diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Double injury.

After a near lifetime of struggle, you finally make enough money to pay the bills, and your parent falls ill.  You are forced to quit your job to care for your parent and are back to finding ways to put food on the table. Double injury.

You spent decades struggling with drugs and alcohol and, through rehab and hard work, are finally able to break free from addiction.  A work injury lands you back on pain medication and back into the depths of addiction. Double injury.

You break out of an abusive and tumultuous childhood only to unknowingly dive headfirst into a destructive and toxic marriage. Double injury.  

After several miscarriages, you pray for a child.  Shortly after birth, she passes.  Double injury.

Now, I am not saying satan orchestrates every difficult thing that happens in our lives.  Life is intricately and infinitely more complicated than that. What I am saying is that when we are already hurting, sometimes the enemy strikes to kill.

But, it is in those moments that we can learn to become overcomers, because while the enemy’s distracted by your weaknesses, you will be focused on strengths.  

In the movie, balancing on his strong leg, Daniel lifts the hurting knee in the air.  He lifts his hands in the air and positions them for the strike.  Lastly, he lowers himself, readying for the fight. When his enemy comes in for the kill, Daniel, using his good leg, strikes with flawless precision.  

Hate to spoil the movie for you, but the crane kick was not all that complicated.  Daniel did more complex and fancy moves in other scenes of the movie. What made the crane kick so cool (in my humble opinion) was when he used it.  He had one good leg.  Instead of hopping out of the ring, he found a way to stand and fight on one leg. He focused on his strengths to get the win, not his weaknesses.

His opponent had never seen the crane kick and did not know what to expect.  His teacher prepared him for this moment with endless training that, at times, did not appear to look like anything more than chores.  Daniel knew how to fight while in pain, because that’s what he was trained to do.

Let me tell you something, your enemies do not know what you have in store. When you strike, it will be unexpected.  They’ve never seen anything like you. You have been through so much.  You know how to fight when you’re in pain.  You’ve been training all this time although, at times, it may not have looked like it.  

While they are focused on your weaknesses, you focus on your strengths. Lift your injuries up to the Lord.  Balance yourself on what is good and strong, even if it does not seem like enough. Lift your hands to the Lord, and position yourself to strike and overcome.

Be flawless.

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